Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Not according to plan

I was in construction for 20 years of my life and I have read a few blue prints in my day. Towards the end of my construction career reading those prints was a majority of what I did. It was always amazing to me and yet frustrating when the architect would come on the job and begin to question why something was done a certain way or why it looked like it did? My answer was always the same, because that's what the plan shows. After realizing it wasn't what they wanted, here comes the change orders.
 I used to be a model car enthusiast and the parts that were required to put that thing together, wow! Everyone reading this has probably purchased something that required assembly and most of us have probably had to back track because we skipped or missed a step in the process. Its probably happened but I cannot remember a time when I bought something to assemble and it didn't come with instructions. I can say however there has been a many a time Ive tried to do it without them. Rarely does it go according to the plan.
 LIVING FOR GOD IS NO DIFFERENT!!! There is an instruction manual. God has given us pastors and teachers to help with those instructions. Its not even that difficult to understand most of what we are taught and even what we read. At least not the New Testament.
 This blog is to convey a real simple message. If you don't read and obey the BOOK your life will not go according to plan. Way to many of us are struggling in our lives simple because we choose not to follow the instructions. And I'm mostly writing to those of us who know them. We choose to justify our actions based upon our feelings and emotions rather than base them on knowledge and understanding. We want to believe that what we are doing is acceptable with God and in fact what God would have us to do regardless of what the bible actually teaches.
 Over the last month or so I have been teaching on Gods plan according to Ephesians and its a great plan but if we choose not to read the instructions our lives will not align with the blueprints.
  If we try to put the model car together with out the instructions I would venture to say the only thing that would look like the plan is the body of the car. The interior and the details of the engine compartment may not get completed. Its certainly happened more than once that a plan wasn't read or was read wrong and the door was in the wrong place, the windows were to high and the closet in the bedroom, well maybe this room doesn't get a closet.
 But were talking about life, not just eternal life but the life were living now. This life needs instructions. The bible is the only source of Gods word for it. Don't live life without it! Don't disregard it! And don't try to make it fit your life but make your life fit it!
 If your life doesn't seem like its going according to Gods plan, pick up the book and read it. Get off the couch and into the church. And by all means include your pastors to help guide you.