Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fish stories!

Everyone has a fish story! No not just about the largest fish that they have ever caught but about all of their great successes! Let me explain further what I mean by a fish story. This is a story that you have to remember from days, weeks and even years gone by. Of course you are reminded of these stories the moment someone else begins to tell theirs. Its really a story to make us look better and more accomplished. It can even be a story that portrays a life more difficult than others.
 The reason why Im writing today is because fish stories are kind of annoying. Not that I dont like the story or that I am not interested in other peoples success, its the timing of the story. The bible teaches us to weep when others weep and to rejoice when others rejoice but I think we missed the point. For example when someone is telling you a sad story or something that has happened to them, their not looking for you to share your previous experience. Another example would be when someone is sharing a success story with you, they are not looking for a competing story that you might have.
 We are to weep with them and also rejoice with them about what is happening to that individual and about their situation.
 Listen readers, everyone knows that you have had a worse experience than they have! Everyone knows you have caught a bigger fish. The point here is is that we are allowing our pride, yes our pride to diminish someone else's story. Showing compassion is not sharing your similar story. Being excited about someone else's success is not demonstrated by sharing your greater gains!
  I hope you understand to this point but I also want to write about fish stories from another angle.
Most people are success driven. They dont want to be seen as a failure. We want people to know that we have accomplishments. With that said let me talk to you from a living day by day view point.
 How successful are we if we have to look to the past for a tale to tell? Another question I want you to consider is this, What have those successes done for you and even for others?
 Right now I am reaching for the person who hasn't ever caught a record fish, shot a deer worthy to be mounted on a wall, climbed Kilimanjaro or feels they haven't done anything worthy to tell around the camp fire. Your success isn't weighed by your previous accomplishments, success is determined by what you've done today.
 I have recently witnessed a fish story that kind of got under my skin. Someone shared a personal best of what they had done and immediately someone else shared that their personal best was better. My rebuttal, which I did not share was this, Person A has done it most recent and your success is only a fish story.
 Base your success on what you accomplish today and don't allow a fish story to diminish it!