Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My church vs. Yours

Did I get you with the title? Did you think this post was going to be me tearing down the place or denomination that you attend? Well its not but I still urge every reader to finish reading this post to challenge yourselves with what you believe and why you believe it.
 The title should be read in the first person. I want you to be the one saying My church vs. yours. Again this isn't for you to be judgmental of another persons faith or belief but truly to look at oneself and be challenged.
   Here we go! Ask and answer for yourself why you attend the church that you belong to. Be honest, no one else will hear your answers. Think about it first and even write the answers down. Here is a cheat sheet to get you brainstorming with your thoughts. These are some of the reasons I have heard from people that I have asked this question to.
   Its big, its small. It has a nursery. It has children's ministry, Youth class, Adult class. My church has something for everyone. I like the music. I like the pastor. I was raised in this denomination. My family goes here. Closest to my house. Its friendly. My pastor preaches from the bible. Its Christ centered. Its evangelistic. Yes I have even had people answer, I don't know!
   At this point I want to add some substance to the body of this post and another challenge and I will leave you to it. We all know as much as we would like every church to believe the same and be just like the other they are not. There are petty differences yet there are serious and doctrinal differences.
Just for your information I have asked and answered this question for myself. Your dyeing to know the reason so I will share in brief. The reason I go to "My church vs. Yours" is because of the doctrinal differences. Its not because of its size or location. Its not because of its denominational connections. Its not because of the music or even the people. Church for me has never and I pray will never be about those things.
   Our choice for the church that we attend should solely be based upon the doctrine that is taught and not upon the denomination that its titled with. Its shouldn't be based upon its likability. It shouldn't be based upon what it offers as ministries. It shouldn't even be chosen because its what I think a church should be.
   Here is my challenge to you. Ask yourself again why My church vs. yours. If the first answer wasn't something to the effect of, Because my church teaches what the bible says and I can confirm it for myself by reading the bible please take a moment and reconsider. Study to show yourself approved unto God. Know what the bible says and require it from the church that you attend. Its your life! Its your salvation!
   Remember when the church started all that they had was what Jesus and the Apostles taught. And they that gladly received the word were baptized and 3000 souls were added to the church. The word that is preached from the pulpit is what makes the church THE CHURCH!