Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pro Choice

Choice is a God given right. No-one gets to take that away from us. You may not agree with my choices and I may not agree with yours but we have been given the right to choose. With that said, let me quickly rebut what you may be thinking. I am Pro Life but I am also Pro choice.
 The debate shouldn't be between life and choice, the debate is between life and abortion. I am not pro abortion. Choice is something that if ever taken away, would cause us to cease to exist as human beings. From the very beginning in the garden of Eden the ability to choose is what separated us from every other living thing. Adam and Eve both chose to disobey God and that was their right to do so. Sure they were punished, not because they had made a choice but because their choice was in direct violation of Gods word. They were even warned what would happen if they made that choice and God didn't stop them from doing so.
 When making decisions, there is a lot to consider, and when we fail to consider the outcome of our choices is when trouble may arise. Its cause and effect. There are consequences for every action, good or bad.  We as the individual are not the only ones effected by our choices even if were making them for ourselves. One of the first questions that we should ask ourselves before making decisions, especially life altering ones is, Who will be effected?
 This blog originated from a recent gathering that I had attended as a police chaplain. We had met a few folks at a coffee shop and amongst them were business owners, retired lawyers, engineers and a couple police officers. As I was being seated, introductions were being made and of course I was introduced as a police chaplain. Immediately a lady at the table says out loud, for all to hear, that so and so is an atheist and I was seated right next to him. Did I rebuke him? No. Did I begin a debate with him? No. What I did was except his right to make that choice. Are there consequences for him if he doesn't change his mind? Yes, but his right to choose is still his.
 I may not agree with the law and so I choose to break it, that's my right. You may not believe what the bible teaches and that's your right. You may disagree or even disapprove with the way someone is doing something or how they are behaving but again that is their right. However, our right to choose doesn't declare our innocents nor does it mean that there will not be consequences to our actions.
 It is of my opinion that our choices and decisions shouldn't be made on a whim or off the cuff but should be carefully thought out and even include others in your circle of influence.
 Proverbs 24:6 For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war; and in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
 I have made plenty of bad choices in life and had I included others I may have saved myself some headaches. Most of the consequences that we suffer from our choices could be avoided by communicating with others who have been down a similar road before us. Ultimately we make the decision, but in most cases, education is great assistance.  

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