Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Is that even true?

Is that even true?
 What a great question that doesn't get asked enough! I love listening to my pastor tell old stories from evangelizing and even early years of pastoring. As I sit there listening to the story almost every time somewhere during the story his wife would interrupt him with that question, Is that even true? Either she forgot that it happened, she wasn't privy to it or maybe it wasn't even true. LOL.
 What have you heard about others? What do you believe about what they say? What decisions have we made based upon what they said? What relationships have been damaged based upon what you heard from someone else. The real question is, IS THAT EVEN TRUE?

 1 Tim 5:19
 Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.
 We should not simply accept what a person says even if we may agree with what is being said! This verse teaches us to give the benefit of the doubt. With that said let me explain the rest of the verse. This doesn't mean that if we can get two or three people to side with us that that makes the accusation true. These witnesses will be people in a neutral position on the matter. These witnesses will be trust worthy and not people looking for gain from the scenario. Probably people held in high regard, have a good rapport with the all involved and have integrity.
 I believe that most of the problems that we face when it comes to issues of hearsay can be avoided by asking the question, Is that even true? Then not falling into the trap of believing it until it is substantiated!
 Now take a moment and replay the latest accusation in your head that you have recently heard and probably believed, and ask the question. IS THAT EVEN TRUE? Don't answer the question for yourself based on how you feel in the moment or from an emotional angle. Go to the source!

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